Recruiting apprentices enables Kwik-Fit to meet its skills needs in all areas while offering successful applicants the opportunity to join the largest and most successful Fast Fit Company in the UK. The programme allows us to select enthusiastic, committed people and offer them development in a way that meets the needs of both the business and the apprentice.

Our Apprenticeships are the gold standard for work-based learning within our sector. A high number of our apprentice graduates progress to managerial positions and enjoy a successful career within the Company.


To help make your decision you might want to consider:

We only take the best and not everyone will be successful but if you are looking for a long term challenging career with great opportunities then now is the time to start your journey………………

The Kwik Fit Apprenticeship scheme is a comprehensive and extensive programme that will teach you about every area of our business – two years of full training – that will lead to a NVQ qualification and a career as a Kwik Fit fitter.

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